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Check Your Eligibility for PMP Exam

Is your role in your organization includes lots of project management work, but you don’t hold a title of Project Manager? Do you have years of experience in managing project as a part of your organization? If you are in either of the conditions or any situation similar to this, you might also wonder how you can eligible to take the PMI's PMP® Exam. To gain the title of Project Manager, getting PMP certified is mandatory nowadays as many organizations prefer to hire certified professional for the role of PM. Finding out your eligibility to take the PMP exam is on your to-do list, follow the below 4-steps.

Step-1: PMP Handbook

Download and read the PMP Handbook produced by the Project Management Institute (PMI)®, a governing body of PMP. There is a specific section for eligibility requirement relate to project management experience, educational background, and project management related education; pay close attention to it. One of the important things to remember related to experience relates to your job responsibility not the job title. Hence, if your title is “Network Specialist”, don’t get disheartened, PMI is only interested in the responsibilities.

Step-2: PMP Examination Content Outline

The PMP Examination Content Outline, another eBook by PMI that highlights what make you eligible to appear for the PMP® Exam. Many of the tasks described in this eBook will be similar to the tasks you normally accomplish as part of your work. If you have not responsible for 100% of the task outlined in this eBook, you don’t need to worry, you will be still eligible for the PMP exam.

Step-3: Compare

After going through steps 1 and 2 to get understanding about education and experience required to qualify the PMP® Exam, it's time to validate your education and experience. You will need all the information related to your projects to fill the application for the PMP.

To confirm your eligibility, ask yourself following questions:

  • Do you meet the eligibility criteria from step 1?
  • Do your responsibilities reflect the tasks from step 2? 
  • Do I meet all the criteria to take the PMP exam?

If your answer to all questions is ‘Yes’, then you can most likely eligible.

Step-4: Contact PMI

Even after all above steps, you have any doubts about your eligibility, then you can contact PMI’s customer care at [email protected]. They would love to answer your queries.

If you are still not sure, you can contact MSys Training and our training consultants will definitely help you with your queries.