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Key Features:
  • Optimize Data Models by using an advanced Script Functions
  • Get familiar with the QlikView terms
  • Create the Data Layers with QVD files
  • Build an application that fulfills the D.A.R approach
  • Lifetime access to the self-paced learning *
For Individuals:
  • Self-managed Learning
  • Lifetime access to the high-grade self-managed e-learning content curated by industry professionals.
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Master & understand Qlikview to conduct and the deliver data analysis on business data. This Training course provides you with a solid foundation in QlikView and helps in understanding, analyzing and creating reports.

Course description

What’s the focus of this course? Qlikview is one of the best used Business Intelligence tools today & demand for the Qlikview Developers is increasing. It has regularly been a leader in the Gartner’s magic quadrant with the companies transitioning or adopting their BI needs to the Qlikview Platform. This Qlikview Developer training from MSys Training is designed for the new applicant into the field of Qlikview and BI. This Qlikview training course would help you in creating the Analysis Reports, Adding Visualizations and provide you with tips & tricks to improve them. You will also learn how to optimize your Data Models by using advanced Script Functions. What are the course objectives?
  • Add Visualizations to the report, Creating Analysis Reports.
  • Resolving synthetic keys, Building the data model, and organizing the script sections to load data.
  • Optimize the Data Models by using advanced Script Functions.
  • Build an application which fulfills the D.A.R (Dashboard, Analysis, and Report) approach.
  • Create the Data Layers with QVD files.
Who should take this course? The Qlikview training course provided by MSys Training is the perfect course for someone who wishes to enter the field of BI and Visualization. This training is designed for:
  • IT developers & testers
  • Analytics professionals
  • Data scientists
  • BI and reporting professionals
  • Data analysts and visualization experts
  • Project managers
  • Aspirants & students, who wish to gain a thorough understanding of the Qlikview
  • Business managers who want to develop a set of core Qlikview Developer skills
  • Professionals who are looking to appear for a Qlikview Developer exam
What are the requirements for this course? There are no requirements for this training course but it is recommended to have knowledge of few topics like:
  • SQL, databases & some scripting language
  • Basic idea about BI and reporting
  • User interface design
How will I execute the hands-on practical’s? You can download the Qlikview Personal Edition from the Qlikview website. The trainer will provide installation instructions and assistance in the class. The download link is

Exam and Certification

What do I need to do to unlock my MSys certificate? To unlock your Qlikview Developer Training certificate from MSys Training, you must: Online Self Learning
  • Complete 85 percent of the course


Who are our mentors? All our mentors are certified and highly qualified, with multiple years of experience in working in Business Intelligence, reporting and the Qlikview. What payment options are available?
  • Visa Credit or Debit Card
  • MasterCard
  • American Express
  • Diner’s Club
  • PayPal
Once payment is done you will automatically receive a payment receipt & access information via email. I’d like to learn more about this course training program. Whom should I contact? Contact us using the form to the right or select the Live Chat link. Our customer service experts will help you with the more details.